School Sisters of Notre Dame

Mardi Gras

Our annual fundraiser is a festival of fun and feasting, culminating with the crowning of a new King and Queen.

Quotes from Kings and Queens

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The honor of being the 1st Queen of Mardi Gras is one that will be in my heart forever. It was such a fun and exciting evening. Knowing that I was able to help raise money for the hardest working, loving, caring women I have ever met was my biggest reward!

Noreen Carro

Very gratifying to be King at an event which supports The Center.

Jerry Spampanato

It is an honor to be part of the Kings and Queens of SSNDEC. We are blessed to have such an organization to empower women to reach their highest abilities.

Tammy Card

My life as King has been enriched especially meeting all the women who work hard so hard to achieve a better life.

John Mangano

Truly an honor  to be part of a wonderful establishment that cares and helps others achieve their personal goals.

Clorinda Antonucci

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