School Sisters of Notre Dame

Programs at the Center

Programs at the Center are designed to meet the needs of women aged nineteen and beyond whose education has been interrupted by circumstances. All are tuition free and registration is open throughout the year. Based on placement testing, the staff and students set educational goals and schedules. Computer skills are integrated throughout the curriculum. Workshops that offer a holistic approach to life are also offered throughout the year.


Courses include instruction in the five subjects tested on the New York State (TASC) Test Assessing Secondary Completion. TASC testing is scheduled when the student is confident to apply. Students are welcome to continue at the Center until they have passed all subjects. Small class size and individual attention foster student success. The door of future success opens when a woman has a high school diploma in her hand. Our graduates move into better paying jobs and further their education.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Classes are provided in five different levels determined by individual comfortability with the English language. Both written and spoken fundamentals provide graduates with a practical application of English. Advanced students participate in a weekly conversation class. Proficiency in English facilitates a woman’s ability to communicate with health and educational professionals who service her children and provide more job opportunities. When a woman is comfortable speaking English her involvement in her community increases.


Professionals from a variety of backgrounds are invited speak on a variety of issues which affect the women; how to interview for a job, citizenship, financial planning, and the list goes on.
From the time a woman registers individual guidance is offered. Assistance is given with job placement and future educational options. Students are networked with local resources and agencies in order to support and sustain their educational success.