School Sisters of Notre Dame

Fall Harvest: October 2, 2022

Dear Friends,

October is my favorite month. The rich colors of autumn, the cooler air, and the fact that classes are
well underway, and our women have settled into an academic mode all contribute to the beauty of this

Yes, our women have begun to pursue their dream and YOUR faithful support is the catalyst. THANK
YOU! Each year at this Harvest Time, we select two outstanding supporters of our women. This year our
committee selected Steve Forte and Raquel Oliveras who are outstanding leaders in Woodhaven and
always have the needs of the Center on their agendas.

When I met Steve Forte eight years ago, he quickly expressed his willingness to teach math as a
volunteer. Perhaps the fact that he was taught by SSNDs at St. Rita’s, East New York prompted that
generosity. Before long, Steve was helping our ladies to pass the math section of the GED test. He and
his wife Janet are active in every aspect of Woodhaven life and are truly ambassadors for the Center. As
a leader in Project Woodhaven, Steve has always kept the Center in mind.

Raquel Olivares lives with her husband and children in Lower Manhattan. Her years of experience as a
community advocate, both in the trenches and as a manager, have made her sensitive to the
marginalized members of our neighborhood. As Executive Director of Business Improvement
Development, Raquel Oliveras is quick call the Center and to ask what our needs are. During the height
of the pandemic, she made sure we had the PPE supplies needed to keep our women safe.

Generous men and women with the same spirit as our honorees have made a difference in the lives of
almost 2000 women.


Sister Cathy SSND

Here are some recent memories from our Fall Harvest 2022

Congratulations to our honorees Raquel Olivares and Steve Forte!!!