School Sisters of Notre Dame

In Their Own Words: Levels 3 & 4

At the end of each school year, the School Sisters of Notre Dame hold a closing ceremony to mark their students’ achievements and celebrate the upcoming summer break. Several students are selected to speak to the assembly, representing their class. Below are the words of students. Click here to see what our Level 1 & 2 representatives had to say!

Nairovy De La Rosa

My name is Nairovy De La Rosa and I am from the Dominican Republic. I am a student of ESL Level 3. Today is full of joy and satisfaction. We give thanks:

To God, for the life and blessings we receive.

To the School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center, for offering this program, which is very helpful for the women of the community.

For the opportunity to be here.

For the smile that receives us every morning.

For the daily prayers.

For the learning environment.

And for the hot coffee full of love.

And especially to our teacher Tehmina, for her patience and dedication. For thanking us every day for attending class. For taking care of every detail in our learning.

We are proud to be here today receiving our certificates. Congratulations everyone. Happy Summer and see you again!


Lucia Abreu

Good morning. I feel honored to be talking to you on behalf of my classmates on this very special day for all of us. Today we celebrate the accomplishment of yet another level of our education. And this makes us very happy and grateful.

To improve our English was on of the first goals that we set for ourselves when we arrived in this country because it is hard not to be able to connect and communicate with other people.

We thank God for giving us the opportunity to belong to the SSND Education Center family. Truly it is a great privilege and a great opportunity that we will not waste.

Thank you sisters for taking us in, in such a generous way regardless of our origin, religion, culture, or status. Having as the sole requirement our desire to better ourselves.

With your support, we have decided to move forward, and we are moving. Not only in our knowledge, but also in improving our self-esteem and confidence.

Step by step, we are becoming part of this society, learning its customs, its rules, and its opportunities. And of course, we are also progressing in our family life and our workplace.

Now I want to thank Kathy Locher, our teacher. Her very qualified work is woven together with her understanding and has helped us move forward and never give up. Thank you, teacher Kathy.

To do this justice, we would have to mention all the members of the SSND community. From the person who opens the door when we get here to the one who says good-bye with a smile on her face. Each and every one of them has been a great help.

Thank you for always combining professionalism with humbleness. For being both demanding and flexible.

Thank you for the joy and the love that you show when you do any service which is without a doubt inspired by God. It couldn’t have come from anywhere else.

Thank you so much.

Ed W